Fostering More Inclusive Democracy with AI


Hélène Landemore

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LANDEMORE, H., 2023. Fostering More Inclusive Democracy with AI by Landemore, IMF: International Monetary Fund. United States of America. Retrieved from on 20 Dec 2023. CID: 20.500.12592/q83bnjp.
AI can enhance democratic institutions by ensuring citizens' voices are truly heard People worry that artificial intelligence (AI) is, or will soon be, undermining democracy. They fear AI will take away jobs, destabilize the economy, and widen the divide between the rich and the poor. This could further concentrate power in the hands of a few tech companies and weaken government structures designed to regulate them. Some also fear that tech giants and government may increasingly delegate human decision-making to machines, eventually replacing democracy with algocracy, rule not by the people but by algorithm. This dystopian vision misses our current capacity to shape AI development. We, as human societies, have the political ability (at least for now) and the responsibility to address the harm AI could inflict on us. We also have the technological opportunity to harness AI to enhance our democracy in a way that strengthens our collective ability to govern-rather than simply regulate-AI.
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