Quantitative Evaluation of HIV Prevention Programs


Edward H. Kaplan and Ron Brookmeyer (eds.)

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Quantitative Evaluation of HIV Prevention Programs, Edward H. Kaplan and Ron Brookmeyer (eds.), New Haven: Yale University Press, 2001.
How successful are HIV prevention programs? Which HIV prevention programs are most cost effective? Which programs are worth expanding and which should be abandoned altogether? This book addresses the quantitative evaluation of HIV prevention programs, assessing for the first time several different quantitative methods of evaluation. The authors of the book include behavioral scientists, biologists, economists, epidemiologists, health service researchers, operations researchers, policy makers, and statisticians. They present a wide variety of perspectives on the subject, including an overview of HIV prevention programs in developing countries, economic analyses that address questions of cost effectiveness and resource allocation, case studies such as Israel’s ban on Ethiopian blood donors, and descriptions of new methodologies and problems.
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