The Moral Foundations of Politics


Ian Shapiro

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Shapiro, I. (2003), The Moral Foundations of Politics, New Haven: Yale University Press. ISBN 10: 0300079079
Ian Shapiro investigates this political dilemma, evaluating answers that have been proposed in the utilitarian, Marxist, social contract, anti-Enlightenment, and democratic traditions. "“In The Moral Foundations of Politics, Shapiro reaffirms his place as one of the very clearest and most resolute, and most solidly grounded, practitioners in the political theory field in this generation." —-- Adolph Reed, Jr., New School for Social Research "“Blending sophisticated political science (including insightful rational choice calculations) with clarity that makes the book’s subject accessible to neophytes, Professor Shapiro distills centuries of political theory into a slender volume." —-- Harvard Law Review "“A deeply valuable book at many levels. Shapiro shows an almost unique ability to combine the broad sweep with the telling detail or precise insight--just what a book of this sort needs." —-- Jennifer Hochschild, Harvard University
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