The Meaning of the 2012 Elections


David Mayhew

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Mayhew, D. (2013), The Meaning of the 2012 Election, in Michael Nelson (ed.), The Elections of 2012, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage CQ Press.
A perfect storm of incumbency advantage--that was the essence of the 2012 election for governors, senators, and House members running again, not to mention a president and a vice president. About the book: Bringing together top-flight scholars to reflect on and analyze all aspects of the 2012 elections, editor Michael Nelson’s The Elections of 2012 can be counted on to deliver a nuanced breakdown of the outcomes, implications, and consequences of yet another momentous political contest. Whether discussing particular races or taking a broader look at national trends, contributors captivate students with stories and political drama, yet weave in important scholarship and expert analysis. Each chapter, written specifically for this volume, offers readers historical perspective, as well as a forward look to implications for the political system. Edited by Michael Nelson, Rhodes College.
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