Integrating Web Applications into Popular Survey Platforms for Online Experiments


Benjamin Carter and Alessandro Del Ponte

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Carter, B., Del Ponte, A. (2022). Integrating Web Applications into Popular Survey Platforms for Online Experiments. Behavioral Research Methods. Published online: 25 February 2022. DOI: 10.3758/s13428-022-01792-w.
Research using custom-made web applications is burgeoning as scholars increasingly conduct their experiments online. We show how researchers can integrate their web applications into popular survey software such as Qualtrics in five simple steps and provide the full JavaScript code and screenshots. This procedure allows participants to seamlessly switch from Qualtrics to their web applications without leaving the survey platform. This integration has two benefits: (1) it eliminates the risk that participants inadvertently drop out of the survey while switching from the survey software to the web application and vice versa; and (2) it saves researchers the fees charged by survey companies to host an external link on the survey platform. Hence, we make it easier to conduct research on targeted (e.g., national) samples using web applications.
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