ISPS Fellowships: Policy-Related Skills Development

ISPS-affiliated students are a carefully selected group of thoughtful individuals who are deeply passionate about policy issues. Students have different interests, policy-related experiences, and academic perspectives. ISPS offers a series of short policy-related skills development sessions to affiliated students to ensure that all students have a base level of knowledge about key aspects of policy work.


  • Certain sessions are mandatory for ISPS-affiliated students and fellows; contact your program coordinator for more information about your participation requirements.
  • ISPS is pleased to also invite graduate students in other departments at Yale with an interest in policymaking to participate in these sessions.
  • Skills development sessions are not open to the general public.


Fall 2021 Schedule

date topic Expert

September 24


11AM - 12PM


Research Data Management

Barbara Esty
Data Librarian, Marx Science and Social Science Library, Yale University

October 8


11AM - 12PM


Career Paths for Policy-Related Work

John Cisternino
Director of Research, The Tobin Project

October 29


11AM - 12PM


Best Practices in Reproducible Research (Quantitative Methods)

Sara Gottlieb-Cohen
Manager of Statistical Support Services, Marx Science and Social Science Library, Yale University

November 5


*10AM - 12PM

RKZ 102
115 Prospect

Debtflix: Analyzing Financial Statements



Sara Silver
Alan Abelson Chair of Business Journalism at Quinnipiac University and Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia Journalism School

December 1



Policy-Related Work and Academia

Jamila Michener
Associate Professor of Government, Cornell University

Ongoing & by appointment*

Statistical support and training

Writing support and tutoring

Stat Lab

Undergraduate Writing Lab

*Students are encouraged to register for workshops offered by the Stat Lab at the Marx Science and Social Science Library and resources available at the Undergraduate Writing Lab at the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning.

PLEASE NOTE: The Research Library at Rosenkranz is available to help you whether you are writing a senior thesis, dissertation, or working on a general research project, you can get help finding and/or manipulating data, framing your research question, or locatinge the best sources, as well as guidance on search strategies for annotated bibliographies and using citation software. Open Friday from 1 - 4pm, submit a request using this form.

Past Expert Instructors
Julia Azari, Associate Professor and Assistant Chair, Political Science, Marquette University; Contributor to FiveThirtyEight
Emily Bazelon, Lecturer in Law, Senior Research Scholar in Law, and Truman Capote Fellow, Yale Law School
James Breiding, CEO of S8 Nations and a fellow at the  School for International Development, Harvard University
Alex Coppock, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Yale University
John Dearborn, Postdoctoral Associate and Lecturer, Yale University
Barbara Esty, Data Librarian, Marx Science and Social Science Library, Yale University
Kenya Flash, Librarian for Political Science, Global Affairs, and Government Information, Marx Science and Social Science Library, Yale University
Karin Gosselink, Associate Director of Undergraduate Writing and Academic Strategies, Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning, Yale University
David Leonhardt, Op-Ed columnist, New York Times
Adam Seth Levine, Associate Professor, Department of Government, Cornell University; President, Research4Impact
Nate Loewentheil, Vice President, Camber Creek
Molly Offer-Westort, PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science and Stat Lab Consultant, Yale University
Kyle Peyton, PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science and Stat Lab Consultant, Yale University
Leah Stokes, Assistant Professor, Political Science, University of California, Santa Barbara
Michael Tomasky, Contributing opinion writer, New York Times

Questions? Email isps(at)yale(dot)edu