Newsweek Interviews Sierra-Arevalo on Gun Fatality Data

In a Newsweek article about a new study published by The BMJ on gun fatalities in the United States, journalist Paula Mejia turned to Michael Sierra-Arevalo, a graduate student in sociology and ISPS resident, for his view on the subject:

"There is a serious lack of quantitative data on gun violence as a whole. Only broad estimates of firearm-related fatalities exist… Urban and gang violence-related crimes, which make up the majority of gun deaths in the United States, are also vastly underreported,” Sierra-Arevalo said.

The article also mentions the recent study done by Andrew Papachristos, associate professor of sociology and ISPS affiliate, co-authored with Chris Wildeman, about gun violence concentrated among tight-knit social networks in urban areas. 

Read full Newsweek article here.

Michael Sierra-Arevalo work focuses on inequality, gang-related violence, and policing issues. His new ISPS working paper, “Legal Cynicism and Protective Gun Ownership Among Active Offenders in Chicago,“ is available here.

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