Non-Coercive Mobilization in State-Controlled Elections: An Experimental Study in Beijing

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Guan, Mei, Donald P. Green (2006), Replication Materials for ‘Non-Coercive Mobilization in State-Controlled Elections: An Experimental Study in Beijing.’ ISPS Data Archive.


Donald P. Green, Mei Guan

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Field date: 
December 9, 2003
Field Date: 
2003-12-09 - 2003-12-10
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This experiment took place in one of Peking University’s three precincts. This precinct comprised approximately 10,000 registered voters, including both faculty members and students from 18 departments. We obtained a complete list of registered voters a month in advance of the election and removed the names of nonstudents. The remaining names were matched to campus addresses using the name directory in each dormitory building. This procedure generated an experimental population of 4,024 undergraduates and master’s degree students living in 1,004 dormitory rooms on the main campus.
Randomization procedure: 
We assigned voters into control and treatment groups by dormitory room rather than individually. Each dorm room’s residents were randomly assigned to one of three groups: one control group and two treatment groups.
Door-to-door canvassing treatment 1 (civic duty, Chinese democratization, and concerns of voters), Door-to- door canvassing treatment 2 (civic duty, Chinese democratization, concerns of voters, and self-nomination), Control
Treatment administration: 
Door to door
Outcome measures: 
Voting in 2003 Chinese county- and district-level People’s Congress elections; Voter turnout was assessed by watching voters sign in at the polling places on election day
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Mei Guan, Donald P. Green
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