Does the Media Matter? A Field Experiment Measuring the Effect of Newspapers on Voting Behavior and Political Opinions

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Gerber, Alan S., Dean Karlan, and Daniel Bergan

Research design: 
Data type: 
Administrative, surveys
Data source(s): 


Field date: 
June 1, 2005
Location details: 
Unit of observation: 
Sample size: 
3,347 (1,081 interviewed for follow-up survey)
We sampled individuals from two lists: a list of registered voters and a consumer database list. Roughly equal proportions were included in the sample from each list. We asked individuals if someone at the household received either the Post or the Times, and we excluded from the study those who said they received either newspaper. This perhaps is the most important issue to note regarding the formation of the sample frame. We are studying individuals who do not already subscribe to a newspaper. Only individuals who completed all questions in the initial phone survey were included in the experimental sample.
Randomization procedure: 
Individuals were randomly assigned to one of three groups: the Post, the Times, or a control group.
Treatment 1: 10-week free subscription for to Washington Post (and postcard announcement); Treatment 2: 10-week free subscription for to Washington Times (and postcard announcement); Control
Treatment administration: 
Newspaper delivery; Mailing
Outcome measures: 
Turnout rates in 2006 gubernatorial elections; Political knowledge; Political attitudes
Archive date: 
Gerber, Alan S., Dean Karlan, and Daniel Bergan
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