Identifying the Persuasive Effects of Presidential Advertising

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Huber, Gregory A. and Kevin Arceneaux (2007). Replication Materials for: ‘Identifying the Persuasive Effects of Presidential Advertising,’ ISPS Data Archive.


Kevin Arceneaux, Gregory Huber

Research design: 
Data type: 
Administrative and Survey
Data source(s): 

Authors; Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG); National Annenberg Election Survey (NAES)

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Field Date: 
2000-06-01 - 2000-11-07
Location details: 
Unit of observation: 
Sample size: 
Panel survey: 4,300; Cross Section survey: 8,300
The identification strategy exploits the "accidental"; treatment during the 2000 campaign of some individuals in non-battleground states to high levels of, or one-sided partisan streams of, presidential advertising simply because they lived in a media market adjoining a battleground state. (A list of included state and media- market combinations appears in Appendix A1.)
Randomization procedure: 
Exposure to advertising
Treatment administration: 
Outcome measures: 
Political preferences and beliefs,vote share
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D010F03 Data: CS_mmn .csv 7691264 Download file
D010F03.1 Data: CS_mmn .dta 7239124 Download file
D010F05 Data: media_market_number_to_mmn .csv 1024 Download file
D010F05.1 Data: media_market_number_to_mmn .dta 665 Download file
D010F07 Data: panel_mmn .csv 4059136 Download file
D010F07.1 Data: panel_mmn .dta 3833797 Download file
D010F09 Program file: 01_Aggregate_Raw_NAES_Datasets .do 11264 Download file
D010F10 Program file: 02_Append_media_data .do 3072 Download file
D010F11 Program file: 03_Recode_NAES_Datafiles .do 66560 Download file
D010F12 Program file: 04a_Analyze_CrossSection .do 35840 Download file
D010F13 Program file: 04b_Analyze_Panel .do 63488 Download file
D010F14 Data: 1996_to_2000_vote_shift_by_county_with_media .csv 160768 Download file
D010F14.1 Data: 1996_to_2000_vote_shift_by_county_with_media .dta 82010 Download file
D010F16 Program file: Create_Table6 .do 6144 Download file
D010F17 Data: balance_check_data .csv 12288 Download file
D010F17.1 Data: balance_check_data .dta 6969 Download file
D010F19 Program file: TableA1A_and_A1B .do 3072 Download file
D010F20 Dats: bias_in_reported_contact_analysis .csv 126976 Download file
D010F20.1 Data: bias_in_reported_contact_analysis .dta 76168 Download file
D010F22 Program file: Create_TableA1C .do 4096 Download file
D010F23 Supplementary Materials: 10_appendix .pdf 169984 Download file
D010F24 Program file: labels .do 9216 Download file
D010F26 Metadata (DDI 3.2) .xml 1302454 Download file