Experimenting in Democracy Promotion: International Observers and the 2004 Presidential Elections in Indonesia

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Hyde, Susan D., (2010) Replication Materials for ‘Experimenting in Democracy Promotion: International Observers and the 2004 Presidential Elections in Indonesia.’ http://hdl.handle.net/10079/t4b8h6t. ISPS Data Archive.


Susan D. Hyde

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Author; Carter Center

Data source information: 
Field date: 
September 1, 2004
Field Date: 
Location details: 
Unit of observation: 
Geo: village
Sample size: 
1,822 village-level observations
Each team’s list of villages and neighborhoods was generated from a complete list of villages and neighborhoods within each pre-selected geographic area using systematic random sampling (also known as patterned sampling)… The long-term election observers and the Jakarta-based staff of the Carter Center selected areas of Indonesia (primarily kabupaten and kota, or districts and cities) where the Carter Center would send election observers. This selection of districts was intended to place Carter Center observers throughout the country, but was constrained by logistical and safety issues. In order for an area to be selected, it had to be accessible by car or aircraft within one day’s travel time, and had to have basic accommodations for the observer team that were judged as sufficiently safe. There was also some effort made to avoid extensive overlap with the European Union election observation mission (the largest observer mission in the country), as well as consideration for whether access was granted to areas of Indonesia where foreigners are frequently prohibited from traveling such as Banda Aceh, Ambon, and parts of Papua.
Randomization procedure: 
For the participating teams, random assignment was applied within each district or pair of districts (kabupaten and kota) where Carter Center observers were deployed.
Presence of international election observers.
Treatment administration: 
Presence of international election observers.
Outcome measures: 
Election day behavior of voters,Election day behavior of party representatives,Election day behavior of election officials
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Susan D. Hyde
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