Partisanship and Economic Behavior: Do Partisan Differences in Economic Forecasts Predict Real Economic Behavior?

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Gerber, Alan S., Gregory A. Huber (2010), Replication Materials for ‘Partisanship and Economic Behavior: Do Partisan Differences in Economic Forecasts Predict Real Economic Behavior?’ ISPS Data Archive.


Gregory Huber, Alan S. Gerber

Research design: 
Data type: 
Data source(s): 

Authors; Records of local taxable sales from 26 states for a period spanning at least two presidential elections merged with information about local partisanship and local demographics

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Field date: 
August 1, 2009
Field Date: 
Location details: 
States recording relevant data on a monthly or quarterly basis for a period spanning at least two presidential elections.
Unit of observation: 
County year
Sample size: 
States recording relevant data on a monthly or quarterly basis for a period spanning at least two presidential elections…. States are included if sales tax data is recoverable.
Randomization procedure: 
Party control of state government
Treatment administration: 
Outcome measures: 
The natural logarithmic transformation of the amount of taxable sales in an area in the 1st quarter following an election divided by sales in the 3rd quarter of the prior (election) year.
Archive date: 
Gerber, Alan S., Gregory A. Huber
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D014F01 Dataset - AL Stata (10.0) .dta 17408 Download file
D014F02 Dataset - AR Stata (10.0) .dta 15360 Download file
D014F03 Dataset - AZ Stata (10.0) .dta 13312 Download file
D014F04 Dataset - CA Stata (10.0) .dta 58368 Download file
D014F05 Dataset - CO Stata (10.0) .dta 57344 Download file
D014F06 Dataset - countyclass Stata (10.0) .dta 76800 Download file
D014F07 Dataset - countydemographics Stata (10.0) .dta 392192 Download file
D014F08 Dataset - countyreligionestimates Stata (10.0) .dta 52224 Download file
D014F09 Dataset - educationfromusacounties Stata (10.0) .dta 26624 Download file
D014F10 Dataset - fipsindx_to_00vote_maine_esa_vermont_town Stata (10.0) .dta 3072 Download file
D014F11 Dataset - fipsindx_to_00vote_nomainevermont Stata (10.0) .dta 26624 Download file
D014F12 Dataset - fipsindx_to_80vote Stata (10.0) .dta 26624 Download file
D014F13 Dataset - fipsindx_to_avg8000vote Stata (10.0) .dta 26624 Download file
D014F14 Dataset - fipsindx_to_avg8088vote Stata (10.0) .dta 26624 Download file
D014F15 Dataset - fipsindx_to_avg9204vote Stata (10.0) .dta 25600 Download file
D014F16 Dataset - fipsindx_to_bea_pci Stata (10.0) .dta 55296 Download file
D014F17 Dataset - fipsindx_to_indianreservations Stata (10.0) .dta 2048 Download file
D014F19 Dataset - GA Stata (10.0) .dta 47104 Download file
D014F20 Dataset - IA Stata (10.0) .dta 96256 Download file
D014F21 Data - ID Stata (10.0) .dta 37888 Download file
D014F22 Data - IL Stata (10.0) .dta 46080 Download file
D014F23 Data - KS Stata (10.0) .dta 95232 Download file
D014F24 Data - ME Stata (10.0) .dta 37888 Download file
D014F25 Data - MN Stata (10.0) .dta 29696 Download file
D014F26 Data - MO Stata (10.0) .dta 72704 Download file
D014F27 Data - NC Stata (10.0) .dta 60416 Download file
D014F28 Data - NE Stata (10.0) .dta 75776 Download file
D014F29 Data - OK Stata (10.0) .dta 77824 Download file
D014F30 Data - recodedcdf Stata (10.0) .dta 206848 Download file
D014F31 Data - SC Stata (10.0) .dta 34816 Download file
D014F32 Data - SD Stata (10.0) .dta 55296 Download file
D014F33 Data - state_partisanship_byst Stata (10.0) .dta 1024 Download file
D014F34 Data - TN Stata (10.0) .dta 70656 Download file
D014F35 Data - TX Stata (10.0) .dta 256000 Download file
D014F36 Data - UT Stata (10.0) .dta 27648 Download file
D014F37 Data - VA Stata (10.0) .dta 99328 Download file
D014F38 Data - VT Stata (10.0) .dta 28672 Download file
D014F39 Data - WA Stata (10.0) .dta 25600 Download file
D014F40 Data - WI Stata (10.0) .dta 39936 Download file
D014F41 Program file - 1_Compile_all_datasets_instata Stata (10.0) .do 8192 Download file
D014F42 Program file - 2_AnalyzeData_CreateTables2_3_4_6_and_7 Stata (10.0) .do 24576 Download file
D014F43 Program file - 3_AnalyzeData_CreateFigure2 Stata (10.0) .do 4096 Download file
D014F44 Program file - 4_AnalyzeData_CreateTable5_fixed Stata (10.0) .do 11264 Download file
D014F45 Program file - CreateFigure1_PID_to_EconEvals_ANES Stata (10.0) .do 10240 Download file
D014F46 Program file - 1_Compile_all_datasets R (2.9.1.) .R 10240 Download file
D014F47 Program file - 2_AnalyzeData_Tables2_3_4_6 R (2.9.1.) .R 22528 Download file
D014F48 Program file - 3_AnalyzeData_Table5 R (2.9.1.) .R 10240 Download file
D014F66 Data file .dta 11264 Download file
D014F90 Metadata (DDI 3.2) .xml 1579508 Download file