Economics and Policy Preferences: Causal Evidence of the Impact of Economic Conditions on Support for Redistribution and Other Ballot Proposals

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Brunner, Eric, Stephen L. Ross, Ebonya Washington (2011), Replication Materials for ‘Economics and Policy Preferences: Causal Evidence of the Impact of Economic Conditions on Support for Redistribution and Other Ballot Proposals.’ ISPS Data Archive.


Stephen L. Ross, Ebonya Washington, Eric Brunner

Research design: 
Data type: 
Administrative, Survey
Data source(s): 

Authors; Statewide Database, Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS) at University of California at Berkeley; US Census Bureau; Bureau of Labor Statistics; GeoLytics

Field date: 
November 25, 2008
Field Date: 
Location details: 
United States - CA
Unit of observation: 
Geo: Census track
Sample size: 
6,777 tracts x 4 elections = 27,108; 6,777 tracts x 91 propositions = 616,707
To ensure that our biennial employment index has a consistent temporal relationship with our voting variables, we restrict attention to general elections that occur in November of even years in California. To avoid any correlation between regional economic conditions and what appears on the ballot, we focus on only contests in which all voters in the state may participate. In our eight election years, 1990 to 2004, we cover four gubernatorial elections and 91 ballot contests. The 91 propositions include all general election ballot items for the years 1992 to 2004 and 10 of the 28 propositions on the 1990 general election ballot.* See more information in the published papar's Data Appendix.
Randomization procedure: 
Treatment administration: 
Outcome measures: 
Share voting for the Democratic (liberal) candidate or issue.
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