Correction to Gerber and Green (2000), Replication of Disputed Findings, and Reply to Imai (2005)

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Gerber, Alan S. and Donald P. Green (2005), Replication Materials for: ‘Correction to Gerber and Green (2000), Replication of Disputed Findings, and Reply to Imai (2005),’ ISPS Data Archive.


Donald P. Green, Alan S. Gerber

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Field date: 
November 1, 1998
Field Date: 
1998-11 - 2002-11
Location details: 
1998 study: United States-CT; 2002 replication study: United States-MI, IA
Unit of observation: 
1998 and 2002 studies: Individuals, within households
Sample size: 
1998 study: 29,380; 2002 replication study: 1,905,320 (Individuals, within households)
1998 study: In September 1998 we obtained a complete list of all registered voters, from which we created a dataset of all households with one or two registered voters. To eliminate students from the sample, all names with post office box addresses were excluded, as was one voting ward that encompasses a university and student housing. We were left with 29,380 individuals (22,077 households) whose participation in the 1998 could be determined from public records. 2002 replication study: At the time of this writing, voter turnout results for the November 2002 elections remain unavailable in two small Michigan counties. Eliminating those observations reduces the treatment group to 59,972 and the control group to 1,845,348.
Randomization procedure: 
1998 study: Random assignment was done at the household level; the sample was divided into control and experimental groups. 2002 replication study: The congressional districts of each state were divided into “competitive” and “uncompetitive” strata. Within each stratum, households containing one or two registered voters were randomly assigned to treatment and control groups. Only one type of treatment was used: a get-out-the-vote phone call. Just one representative from each household was assigned to treatment or control; the other voter was ignored for purposes of calling and statistical analysis.
1998 study: Personal canvassing, phone call, and direct mail get-out-the-vote messages. 2002 replication study: a get-out-the-vote phone call.
Treatment administration: 
1998 study: Personal canvassing, phone call, and direct mail. 2002 replication study: phone.
Outcome measures: 
1998 and 2002 studies: Voter turnout
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D046F17 Program file - phone 1to5 .do 579 Download file
D046F18 Program file - rebuttal .do 8460 Download file
D046F19 Program file - Imai code 2003 .r 5204 Download file
D046F20 Program file - corrected code .r 3680 Download file
D046F21 Program file - no bootstrap .r 2827 Download file
D046F22 Program file - w replace .r 5708 Download file
D046F23 Program file - ITT match .r 5350 Download file
D046F24 Program file - counter match .r 3107 Download file
D046F25 Program file - alt p score .r 3519 Download file
D046F26 Output file - Ind rand monte carlo .log 2583 Download file
D046F27 Output file - rand monte carlo .log 13393 Download file
D046F28 Output file - no bootstrap .txt 1897 Download file
D046F29 Output file - ITT results .txt 1674 Download file
D046F30 Output file - counter match balance .log 23396 Download file
D046F31 Output file - counter match results .txt 232 Download file
D046F32 Output file - balance tests .log 103465 Download file
D046F33 Output file - alt p score .txt 575 Download file
D046F34 Output file - IA MI match .log 2978 Download file
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D046F37 Codebook - NH Study .pdf 6020 Download file
D046F43 Supplementary materials - Imai 2002 .pdf 456411 Download file
D046F44 Supplementary materials - Imai 2003 .pdf 276940 Download file
D046F45 Supplementary materials - Imai 2004 .pdf 288192 Download file
D046F46 Supplementary materials - monte carlo rand test .pdf 112153 Download file
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D046F48 Supplementary materials - tech note factorial design .pdf 114256 Download file
D046F50 Metadata (DDI 3.2) .xml 252578 Download file