Elite Influence on Public Opinion in an Informed Electorate

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Bullock, John (2011). Replication Materials for ‘Elite Influence on Public Opinion in an Informed Electorate.’ http://hdl.handle.net/10079/5c457de7-b8b5-4555-91a7-cfc720675a6c. ISPS Data Archive.


John Bullock

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Author; Survey Sampling International (SSI)

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Field date: 
December 16, 2008
Field Date: 
2008-12-16 - 2010-05-28
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Sample size: 
Subjects who had previously identified as Democrats or Republicans were recruited by Survey Sampling International.
Randomization procedure: 
Subjects were randomly assigned to read that the proposed changes would expand or curtail health-care benefits.
Subjects received a detailed newspaper article about health care for the poor in Wisconsin. It contrasted the existing health-care regime with changes that had just been passed by the state House of Representatives. It also offered arguments from supporters and opponents of the changes. Policy treatment: Subjects were randomly assigned to read that the proposed changes would expand or curtail health-care benefits. Party cue treatments: Some subjects received no party cues,while others were told that Democratic legislators either supported or opposed the policy changes. In these last two cue conditions, Republican legislators opposed their Democratic counterparts.
Treatment administration: 
Survey instrument
Outcome measures: 
Attitude toward the proposed policy changes
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