Emails from Official Sources Can Increase Turnout

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Malhorta, Neil, Melissa R. Michelson and Ali Adam Valenzuela (2012), Replication Materials for ,’Emails from Official Sources Can Increase Turnout,’ ISPS Data Archive.


Ali Valenzuela, Neil Malhotra, Melissa Michelson

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Field date: 
November 1, 2009
Field Date: 
2009-11 - 2010-11
Location details: 
California - San Mateo County
Unit of observation: 
Sample size: 
Nov 2009: 48,504 June 2010: 47,463 Nov 2010: 69,556
List of registered voters who provided a unique email address at the time of registration. In November 2009, individuals in a particular school district were excluded from the experiment. In November 2009 and June 2010 some individuals were removed from the list in order to allow for a concurrent experiment using another GOTV tactic.
Randomization procedure: 
Random assignment at the household level
GOTV message from (1) local registrar in San Mateo County, California, (2) Fictional organization (People for the Advancement of Voter Engagement, PAVE), (3) control group (no email message)
Treatment administration: 
Outcome measures: 
Voting turnout
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