Sources of Bias in Retrospective Decision Making: Experimental Evidence on Voters’ Limitations in Controlling Incumbents

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Huber, Gregory A., Seth J. Hill, & Gabriel S. Lenz (2012). Replication Materials  for ‘Sources of Bias in Retrospective Decision Making: Experimental Evidence on Voters’ Limitations in Controlling Incumbents,’ ISPS Data Archive


Seth J. Hill, Gabriel S. Lenz, Gregory Huber

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Field date: 
March 24, 2011
Field Date: 
2011-03-24 - 2012-03-06
Location details: 
United States
Unit of observation: 
Sample size: 
Experiment 1 = 965 Experiment 2 = 1,003 Experiment 3 = 1,024
U.S. residents over the age of 18; removed 31% of potential participants who failed either of two screener questions.
Randomization procedure: 
Randomization at level individual participant
Experiment 1 : Prior to round 1 or after round 12, inform participant that the retention decision occurs in round 16. Experiment 2: Lottery held at round 8 or round 16. Lottery payout of -5000, 0, or 5000 tokens. Participant informed lottery is unrelated to Allocator. Experiment 3: After round 16, on same screen as retention decision, participant is primed with hedonic, informational, or no prime.
Treatment administration: 
Web delivered
Outcome measures: 
Evaluation of the incumbent’s performance
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D093F006 Data file - VaryingInstructions Stata (13.0) .dta 373760 Download file
D093F007 Data file - VaryingInstructions csv 215040 Download file
D093F009 Data file - VaryingLottery Stata (13.0) .dta 631718 Download file
D093F010 Data file -VaryingLottery csv 1230663 Download file
D093F012 Data file - VaryingPrime Stata (13.0) .dta 946654 Download file
D093F013 Data file - VaryingPrime csv 1255317 Download file
D093F015 Data file - VaryingLotteryExperiment4 Stata (13.0) .dta 996352 Download file
D093F016 Data file - VaryingLotteryExperiment4 csv 664576 Download file
D093F018 Data file - forR-Stacked Stata (13.0) .dta 4185001 Download file
D093F019 Data file - forR-Stacked csv 6639800 Download file
D093F021 Data file - forR-VaryingLottery Stata (13.0) .dta 1105612 Download file
D093F022 Data file - forR-VaryingLottery csv 1895898 Download file
D093F024 Program file - VaryingInstructionsV2 Stata (13.0) .do 15360 Download file
D093F025 Program file - VaryingLotteryV2 Stata (13.0) .do 11264 Download file
D093F026 Program file - VaryingPrimeV2 Stata (13.0) .do 16384 Download file
D093F027 Program file - VaryingLotteryExperiment4 Stata (13.0) .do 13312 Download file
D093F028 Program file - StackedAnalysis Stata (13.0) .do 17408 Download file
D093F029 Program file - StackedRobustnessChecks Stata (13.0) .do 1792 Download file
D093F030 Program file - RecodeIncumbentGameData Stata (13.0) .do 8192 Download file
D093F031 Program file - RunAllAnalysisV2 Stata (13.0) .do 2048 Download file
D093F032 Program file - endBiasPlots-replication R 10240 Download file
D093F033 Supplementary Materials - Appendix Adobe Acrobat (10.0.3) .pdf 710656 Download file
D093F035 ReadMe File .txt 1628 Download file
D093F036 Program file .do 3377 Download file
D093F037 Metadata (DDI 3.2) .xml 5003417 Download file