When to Worry about Sensitivity Bias: A Social Reference Theory and Evidence from 30 Years of List Experiments

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Graeme Blair, Alexander Coppock, and Margaret Moor (2020). Replication Materials fror, “When to Worry about Sensitivity Bias: A Social Reference Theory and Evidence from 30 Years of List Experiments.” http://hdl.handle.net/10079/9dc20cfa-5a9b-4881-99da-35eabaffa6b8. ISPS Data Archive.


Maggie Moor, Graeme Blair, Alexander Coppock

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See publication
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List experiment
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Analyses are limited to the 264 (92 papers) list experiments whose sensitive item was predicted by the researchers to be over- or underreported, excluding non-sensitive topics.
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Sensitivity Bias
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