Exploiting Donald Trump: Using Candidates’ Positions to Assess Ideological Voting in the 2016 and 2008 Presidential Elections

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Gooch, A. and Huber, G.A. (2018). Replication Materials for, “Exploiting Donald Trump: Using Candidates’ Positions to Assess Ideological Voting in the 2016 and 2008 Presidential Elections.” http://hdl.handle.net/10079/2e69453c-92e4-48f0-b668-d7ad73233ae3. ISPS Data Archive.


Andrew Gooch, Gregory Huber

Research design: 
Data type: 
Data source(s): 

2008 and 2016 Cooperative Congressional Election Studies (CCES)

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Field Date: 
2008-09 - 2016-11
Location details: 
United States
Unit of observation: 
Sample size: 
45,239 for 2016 and 23,807 for 2008
Because our analysis is focused on candidate choice in light of perceptions of candidate positions, we filtered our data prior to analysis to remove individuals who did not report being registered to vote, who were unable to place themselves ideologically (and for whom relative ideological distance could therefore not be measured), or who did not report their turnout status and vote choice.
Randomization procedure: 
Treatment administration: 
Outcome measures: 
Ideology,Ideological Placement of Republican,Ideological Placement of Democrat,Ideological Self-Placement
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