Correcting Bias in Perceptions of Public Opinion Among American Elected Officials: Results from Two Field Experiments

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Kalla, Joshua L. & Ethan Porter (2021). Replication Materials for, “Correcting Bias in Perceptions of Public Opinion Among American Elected Officials: Results from Two Field Experiments.” ISPS Data Archive.


Joshua L. Kalla, Ethan Porter

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2017-10-10 - 2018-01-03
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The starting universe for the experiment was all sitting United States state legislators in either the upper or lower chamber. We then limited the experiment to legislators we could identify as either Democrat or Republican (no independents were included), for whom we had contact information (email address and phone number), and for whom we could get 2016 presidential voting results.
Randomization procedure: 
We randomly assigned each state legislator to receive access to public opinion estimates on a random set of four of the eight issues. Next, we randomly assigned legislators to receive either polling estimates specific to their district or polling estimates covering the four broad US Census regions for the four randomly selected issues.
Treatments varied in two ways. First, state legislators could receive polling on 4 out of 8 possible policy issues. Second, state legislators were provided either with a regional polling aggregate (a placebo condition) or their district-specific polling.
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Web delivered
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