Work Requirements and Perceived Deservingness of Medicaid

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Wu, J.D. (2020). Replication Materials for, “Work Requirements and Perceived Deservingness of Medicaid.” ISPS Data Archive.


Jennifer Wu

Research design: 
Field Date: 
2018-05 - 2019-03
Location details: 
Unit of observation: 
Sample size: 
2448 in Experiment 1; 1075 in Experiment 2.
Experiment 1 survey data were collected using Lucid; Experiment 2 survey data were collected using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.
Randomization procedure: 
In Experiment 1, 1,650 respondents were randomized into the Employment-Health survey, and the remaining 798 were allocated to a supplementary survey. For the Employment-Health survey, respondents were randomized into one of the six treatment conditions with equal probability. In Experiment 2, the assignment mechanism allocated each respondent into the treatment conditions with equal probability.
There are six possible treatment conditions in Experiment 1 from the possible combinations of two Health Treatments and three Employment Treatments. There are two main randomizations that occur in Experiment 2: Policy Treatment and Recipient Treatment.
Treatment administration: 
Web delivered
Outcome measures: 
Blame: Illness,Blame: Insurance,Deserving: Federal,Deserving: Medicaid,Burden of costs,Support for expansion,Support for Medicaid,Willing to pay more in tax,Support work reqs,Burden of work reqs
Archive date: 
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