“Outside Lobbying” Over the Airwaves: A Randomized Field Experiment on Televised Issue Ads

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Kalla, J. and D. Broockman (2022). replication materials for, “ ‘Outside Lobbying’ over the Airwaves: A Randomized Field Experiment on Televised Issue Ads.” http://hdl.handle.net/10079/846fa045-87fb-45b5-83f4-e53dd89d4583. ISPS Data Archive.


Joshua L. Kalla, David E. Broockman

Research design: 
Field Date: 
2020-02 - 2020-03
Location details: 
California, Colorado, Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin
Unit of observation: 
Sample size: 
Registered voters
Randomization procedure: 
Block randomization
Television advertisements about issues
Treatment administration: 
Outcome measures: 
prejudice toward immigrants,prejudice toward LGBTQ,immigration policy attitudes,LGBTQ policy attitudes
Archive date: 
Owner contact: 


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ISPS Data Archive: Terms of Use.

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D182F01 Readme .pdf 43173 Download file
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D182F03 Data file - Immigration results .xlsx 9751 Download file
D182F03.1 Data file - Immigration results .csv 1361 Download file
D182F04 Data file - Immigration results .csv 37351 Download file
D182F05 Data file - LGBT results .csv 9700 Download file
D182F06 Data file - LGBT results .csv 54488 Download file
D182F07 Program file - 1 .R 2628 Download file
D182F08 Program file - 2 .R 1523 Download file
D182F09 Program file - Main .rmd 77157 Download file
D182F10 Program file - Table OA40 .do 8377 Download file
D182F11 Program file - Dosage Effects model .do 667 Download file
D182F12 Codebook .txt 227624 Download file
D182F13 Codebook for Immigration Dependent Variables .csv 409 Download file
D182F14 Codebook for LGBT Dependent Variables .csv 189 Download file
D182F15 Baseline survey questionnaire .docx 48130 Download file
D182F15.1 Baseline survey questionnaire .pdf 413950 Download file
D182F16 Endline survey questionnaire .docx 45267 Download file
D182F16.1 Endline survey questionnaire .pdf 407552 Download file
D182F18 Survey questions - recall .png 72261 Download file
D182F19 Survey questions - taxes .png 193679 Download file
D182F20 Metadata (DDI 3.2) .xml 1363331 Download file