Alexandra Cirone

Alexandra Cirone
Faculty Fellows

Alexandra Cirone

Visiting Faculty Fellow

Alexandra Cirone is an assistant professor in the Government department at Cornell University.

For academic year 23-24, she is visiting Yale as a faculty fellow in the ISPS Democratic Innovations program, and an assistant professor in the Political Science Department. Here, she is researching the use of lottocratic selection in democracy as well as how polarization affects willingness to participate in modern day citizens’ assemblies.

Her research interests center on historical political economy, democratization and party systems in new democracies, and multi-level governance in European politics. She combines quantitative methods, historical data, and natural and/or quasi-experimental research designs with extensive archival research.

Cirone co-organizes the Historical Political Economy Working Group, and is also part of the research project “Bureaucrats and Group Identity in Local Politics,” funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

She holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University and an A.B. in Political Science from the University of Chicago. She was formerly a research fellow in the Government Department of the London School of Economics (LSE), in the political economy group (PSPE). Prior to beginning graduate studies, she was the Research Manager for Harvard Kennedy School’s Evidence for Policy Design (EPod).

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