Affiliated Fellow

Anne Alstott is the Jacquin D. Bierman Professor in Taxation at Yale Law School. An expert in taxation and social policy, she was named a professor at Yale Law School in 1997 and originally named the Jacquin D. Bierman Professor of Taxation in 2004. She served as deputy dean in 2002 and 2004 and has won the Yale Law Women teaching award three times. From 2008 to 2011, she was the Manley O. Hudson Professor of Law at Harvard Law School.

Co-Director of ISPS Director's Fellows
Ravi Bhalla is a 2L at Yale Law School. He graduated summa cum laude from Columbia University with a degree in economics-mathematics and philosophy, and, prior to law school, spent two years working for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Financial Stability Oversight Council. At Yale, he is the Executive Managing Editor of the Yale Journal on Regulation, a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Economics and the Membership Chair of the South Asian Law Students Association.
Co-Director of ISPS Director's Fellows
Sandra Lynne Fryhofer is pursuing a JD/MBA at Yale Law School and Yale School of Management. Before coming to Yale, she spent four years at the White House and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) working on health policy and innovation efforts.
Co-Director of the Director's Fellows Program
Daniel Hornung is a student at Yale Law School.  Before YLS, Daniel worked at the White House, including most recently as Special Assistant to President Obama and Senior Policy Advisor responsible for domestic and international climate, energy and conservation issues. Prior to that, he worked on economic and fiscal policy in the Office of Management and Budget. 
Co-Director of ISPS Director's Fellows

Brandon Levin is a joint-degree JD/MBA candidate at the Yale Law School and Harvard Business School. He is interested in education policy, economic justice, and how governments can better leverage technology to drive development and combat inequality.

Assistant Professor Adjunct/ Yale School of Medicine

Author, consultant, former advisor to three U.S. presidential administrations, and assistant professor, Kevin A. Sabet, Ph.D., has researched and implemented drug policy for more than 20 years. In 2011 he stepped down as senior advisor in President Obama’s drug policy office, having been the only drug policy staffer to have ever served as a political appointee in a Democrat and Republican administration.

Co-Director of ISPS Director's Fellow Program
Andrea Taverna is a J.D. candidate at Yale Law School. Previously, she served as Chief of Staff at the Council of Economic Advisers under President Obama, advising on management, strategy, and communications. She has also worked at the Harvard Kennedy School Government Performance Lab where she worked with the State of Rhode Island to use administrative data to improve outcomes in behavioral health programs. A native of the Detroit area, Andrea holds a B.A. in public policy from the University of Michigan.
Co-Director of ISPS Director's Fellows
Annie J. Wang is a student at the Yale Law School. Before law school, Annie served as the Director of Research and Analytics at the Analyst Institute, working with Democratic and progressive campaigns to improve strategies for voter mobilization. She graduated from Yale College magna cum laude with a degree in political science.
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