ISPS Upcoming Conference:

MAY 29-30, 2018 | By Invitation Only

This one-day workshop brings together cardiologists, health services researchers, social scientists and former policymakers to consider the implications of the ORBITA (Objective Randomized Blinded Investigation with Optimal Medical Therapy of Angioplasty in stable angina) trial.  Published in The Lancet in November 2017, the study showed that patients who received stents for stable angina experienced no more relief of symptoms than did patients who received a placebo operation that mimicked the real procedure but actually involved no insertion of a stent.  (Before randomization to stent or placebo, all study participants received six weeks of optimal medical therapy).  Around the world, about 500,000 patients undergo the procedure every year.

The workshop will consider why it took so long for a placebo-controlled study of the efficacy of stents to be performed and how clinicians, medical societies, payers, patient advocacy groups and policymakers are responding to the study’s findings.  It will also tease out broader lessons for accelerating the generation and uptake of medical evidence for ongoing efforts to improve the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of health care.

Conference Organizers: Alan Gerber, Yale University; and Eric Patashnik, Brown University.

Attendance at this conference is by invitation only.

Sponsored by the Yale University Instituion for Social and Policy Studies