Do Better Committee Assignments Meaningfully Benefit Legislators? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in the Arkansas State Legislature

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David Broockman and Daniel Butler

Research design: 
Data type: 
Data source(s): 

Carsey, Thomas M., William D. Berry, Richard G. Niemi, Lynda W. Powell, and James M. Snyder. 2007. STATE LEGISLATIVE ELECTION RETURNS, 1967-2003.

Arkansas Secretary of State’s website

Arkansas Legislative Digest

Data source information: 

Suggested citation: Broockman & Butler (2015) Replication materials for ‘“Do Better Committee Assignments Meaningfully Benefit Legislators? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in the Arkansas State Legislature,”’, ISPS Data Archive.”

Field date: 
December 31, 2011
Location details: 
Unit of observation: 
Sample size: 
Arkansas state legislators
Randomization procedure: 
A lottery within the Arkansas legislature randomly assigns officials to a seniority number within their cohort. They are randomized their first year in office.
The legislators chose their own committee assignments in order of the seniority numbers.
Treatment administration: 
In person, as part of a lottery in the legislative chamber.
Outcome measures: 
Thirteen dependent variables related to three aspects of legislators’ careers and goals: legislators’ electoral success, chamber leadership, and policy productivity
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D125001 Dataset - Committee Data Stata (13.0) .dta 1432576 Download file
D125002 Dataset - ARCensusData Stata (13.0) .dta 8192 Download file
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D125004 Dataset - ARCensusData .csv 9216 Download file
D125005 codebook - Committee Data .xml 136192 Download file
D125006 codebook - ARCensusData .xml 13312 Download file
D125007 Program file - analysis Stata (13.0) .do 13312 Download file
D125008 Program file - balance test Stata (13.0) .do 1024 Download file
D125009 Output File - Tab3 Adobe Acrobat (10.0.3) .pdf 49152 Download file
D125010 Output File - TabA1 Adobe Acrobat (10.0.3) .pdf 44032 Download file
D125011 Output File - TabA2 Adobe Acrobat (10.0.3) .pdf 52224 Download file
D125012 Output File - TabA3 Adobe Acrobat (10.0.3) .pdf 52224 Download file
D125013 Output File - Tab3 .csv 30720 Download file
D125014 Output File - TabA1 .csv 8192 Download file
D125015 Output File - TabA2 .csv 48128 Download file
D125016 Output File - TabA3 .csv 48128 Download file
D125017 Supplementary Materials - Appendix Adobe Acrobat (10.0.3) .pdf 371712 Download file
D125018 Supplementary Materials - HouseCommitteeAttractiveness Stata (13.0) .gph 19456 Download file
D125019 Supplementary Materials - probBest Stata (13.0) .gph 140288 Download file
D125020 Supplementary Materials - probWorst Stata (13.0) .gph 97280 Download file
D125021 Supplementary Materials - scoreBest Stata (13.0) .gph 32768 Download file
D125022 Supplementary Materials - scoreWorst Stata (13.0) .gph 32768 Download file
D125023 Supplementary Materials - SenateCommitteeAttractiveness Stata (13.0) .gph 18432 Download file
D125024 Metadata record Adobe Acrobat (10.0.3) .pdf 182272 Download file