Economic Decline, Social Identity, and Authoritarian Values in the United States

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Ballard-Rosa, Cameron, Amalie Jensen, Kenneth Scheve (2022). Replication materials for, Economic Decline, Social Identity, and Authoritarian Values in the United States. ISPS Data Archive.


Amalie Sofie Jensen, Cameron Ballard-Rosa, Kenneth Scheve

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Nationally representative sample
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U.S. adults
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Treatment administration: 
Not applicable
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D181F01.1 Readme .pdf 220334 Download file
D181F18 Program file - regional income analysis .do 2111 Download file
D181F17 Program file - maps .do 4790 Download file
D181F16 Program file - individual-level replication .do 23629 Download file
D181F15 Program file - cleaning .do 4646 Download file
D181F14 Program file - cleaning .do 18771 Download file
D181F21 Metadata (DDI 3.2) .xml 4066237 Download file
D181F06 Data file - Shocks .dta 423723 Download file
D181F06.1 Data file - Shocks .csv 886885 Download file
D181F02.1 Data file - raw .csv 938849 Download file
D181F02 Data file - raw .dta 1011109 Download file
D181F10 Data file - Merged .dta 2121704 Download file
D181F12.1 Data file - Map coordinates .csv 5840730 Download file
D181F12 Data file - Map coordinates .dta 2974553 Download file
D181F09 Data file - Demographics .dta 128588 Download file
D181F09.1 Data file - Demographics .csv 224893 Download file
D181F07 Data file - Demographics .dta 136035 Download file
D181F07.1 Data file - Demographics .csv 290048 Download file
D181F13.1 Data file - County averages .csv 336922 Download file
D181F13 Data file - County averages .dta 138181 Download file
D181F05 Data file - Contextual cleaned .dta 40179 Download file
D181F05.1 Data file - Contextual cleaned .csv 135984 Download file
D181F04 Data file - Contextual .csv 400489 Download file
D181F08 Data file - Contextual .dta 66595 Download file
D181F08.1 Data file - Contextual .csv 117212 Download file
D181F11.1 Data file - Commuting zones .csv 7901 Download file
D181F11 Data file - Commuting zones .dta 4960 Download file
D181F03 Data file - cleaned survey .dta 1585760 Download file
D181F20 Curation report .txt 1910 Download file
D181F19 Codebook .pdf 182212 Download file