Identifying Legitimacy: Experimental Evidence on Compliance with Authority

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Dickson, Eric S., Sanford C. Gordon, and Gregory A. Huber (2022). replication materials for, Identifying legitimacy: Experimental Evidence on Compliance with Authority. ISPS Data Archive.


Eric Dickson, Gregory Huber, Sanford Gordon

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NYU Center for Experimental Social Science Laboratory; Yale Behavioral Research Laboratory;
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4,000 = 1,800 (experiment 1) + 2,200 (experiment 2)
At both institutions, participants signed up via a web-based recruitment system that draws on a large, preexisting pool of potential student subjects. (Subjects were not recruited from the authors’ courses and did not receive course credit for participating.)
Randomization procedure: 
Citizens are made aware both of the authority’s choices and the actual material incentives that they face, on the basis of the randomly realized degree of fairness of the institution. By randomizing the citizen’s extrinsic incentives in this way, we are thus able to causally identify the effect of the authority’s action on citizen behavior via the intrinsic channel, holding constant the citizens’ material incentives.
Citizen's extrinsic incentives
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Web delivered
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