ISPS Experiments Workshop

The ISPS Experiments Workshop is an opportunity for faculty and students from Yale and neighboring schools to present their research and get feedback on works in progress. The focus is on research that involves lab, survey, field, and natural experiments as well as methodological works that improves the design and analysis of experiments. As ISPS is an interdisciplinary organization, we welcome speakers and attendees from a variety of social science disciplines.

The ISPS Experiments Workshop meets on selected Fridays from 12:00-1:15 p.m. at ISPS, 77 Prospect Street, Room A001.  Lunch is served.

Graduate Student Organizer and Contact: Shikhar Singh, Department of Political Science

2019-2020 Schedule

SEP 6 Trevor Incerti, Yale University
“Corruption Information and Vote Share: A Meta-Analysis and Lessons for Survey Experiments”
SEP 20 Abhit Bhandari, Columbia University
“Political Determinants of Economic Change: Evidence from a Business Experiment in Senegal”
SEP 27 Ro’ee Levy, Yale University
“Social Media, News Consumption and Polarization: Evidence from a Field Experiment”
OCT 4 Matthew Graham, Yale University
“Who Guesses? Estimating Counterfactual Confidence Levels to Understand Differences in Opinion Expression”
NOV 8 Diana Galos, European University Institute (Florence), and Fulbright Visting Scholar at Yale University
“Are They Watching You? The Effect of Disclosing Information on Social Networking Websites on Employers’ Hiring Decisions”
JAN 17 Anja Kilibarda, Columbia University
“Ideological Conflict and Attitudes Toward Immigrants in the United States and Canada”
JAN 31 Elsa Voytas, Princeton University
“Do Transitional Justice Museums Persuade Visitors? Evidence from a Field Experiment”
APR 24 Anna Wilke, Columbia University
MAY 1 Shikhar Singh, Yale University








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