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"Outside Lobbying” Over the Airwaves: A Randomized Field Experiment on Televised Issue Ads

Joshua L. Kalla, David E. Broockman

A 2 Million-Person, Campaign-Wide Field Experiment Shows How Digital Advertising Affects Voter Turnout

Sylvan Zheng, Andrew Beasley, Solomon Messing, Harry Hartman, James Barnes, Kelly Zhang, Jennifer Allen, Alexander Coppock, Minali Aggarwal, Dan Frankowski

A Cautionary Note on the Use of Matching to Estimate Causal Effects: An Empirical Example Comparing Matching Estimates to an Experimental Benchmark

Kevin Arceneaux, Donald P. Green, Alan S. Gerber

A Field Experiment on Community Policing and Police Legitimacy

David Rand, Kyle Peyton, Michael Sierra-Arevalo

A Field Experiment on Legislators' Home Styles: Service versus Policy

Christopher F. Karpowitz, Jeremy C. Pope, Daniel Butler

A Note on Dropping Experimental Subjects who Fail a Manipulation Check

Jonathon Baron, Peter Aronow, Lauren Pinson

Active Maintenance: A Proposal for the Long-term Computational Reproducibility of Scientific Results

Limor Peer, Lilla Orr, Alexander Coppock

An Experiment Testing the Relative Effectiveness of Encouraging Voter Participation by Inducing Feelings of Pride or Shame

Christopher W. Larimer, Donald P. Green, Alan S. Gerber

Analysis of Cluster-Randomized Experiments: A Comparison of Alternative Estimation Approaches

Lynn Vavreck, Donald P. Green

Asking About Attitude Change

Matthew H. Graham, Alexander Coppock

Assessing the Stability of Psychological and Political Survey Measures

David Doherty, Gregory Huber, Alan S. Gerber, Conor M. Dowling

Ballot Secrecy Concerns and Voter Mobilization: New Experimental Evidence About Message Source, Context, and the Duration of Mobilization Effects

Daniel Biggers, Gregory Huber, Alan S. Gerber, David Hendry

Baseline, Placebo, and Treatment: Efficient Estimation for Three-Group Experiments

Holger Lutz Kern, Donald P. Green, Edward H. Kaplan, Alan S. Gerber

Black Politicians Are More Intrinsically Motivated to Advance Blacks’ Interests: A Field Experiment Manipulating Political Incentives

David E. Broockman

Broad Cross-National Public Support for Accelerated COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Designs

Joshua L. Kalla, Jasjeet S. Sekhon, Monica Magalhaes, Mark Budolfson, Alexander Guerrero, David E. Broockman, Nicholas P. Jewell, Nir Eyal

Can Learning Constituency Opinion Affect How Legislators Vote? Results from a Field Experiment

David W. Nickerson, Daniel Butler

Can the Backlash Against Voter ID Laws Activate Minority Voters? Experimental Evidence Examining Voter Mobilization Through Psychological Reactance

Daniel Biggers

Can the Political Ambition of Young Women Be Increased? Evidence from U.S. High School Students

Joshua L. Kalla, Ethan Porter

Changes in Candidate Evaluations over the Campaign Season: A Comparison of House, Senate, and Presidential Races

Steven Smith, Patrick Tucker

Changing Minds or Changing Channels? Partisan News in an Age of Choice

Kevin Arceneaux, Martin Johnson