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Title Author(s)sort descending Year archived
Ideology, Learning and Policy Diffusion: Experimental Evidence

Daniel M. Butler, Craig Volden, Adam M. Dynes, Boris Shor

A Field Experiment on Community Policing and Police Legitimacy

Kyle Peyton, Michael Sierra-Arévalo, and David G. Rand

Social Pressure and Voter Turnout: Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment

Alan S. Gerber, Donald P. Green and Christopher W. Larimer

Citizens’ Policy Confidence and Electoral Punishment: A Neglected Dimension of Electoral Accountability

Alan S. Gerber, Gregory A. Huber, David Doherty, Conor M. Dowling

Self-Prophecy Effects and Voter Turnout: An Experimental Replication

Anton Orlich, Jennifer K. Smith, Alan S. Gerber

A Note on Dropping Experimental Subjects who Fail a Manipulation Check

Aronow, Peter, Jonathon Baron, Lauren Pinson

Detecting Spillover Effects: Design and Analysis of Multilevel Experiments

Betsy Sinclair, Margaret McConnell, Donald P. Green

Does Publicizing a Tax Credit for Political Contributions Increase Its Use?: Results From a Randomized Field Experiment

Boatright, Robert G., Donald P. Green and Michael J. Malbin

Enhancing Academic Performance and Social and Emotional Competence With the RULER Feeling Words Curriculum

Brackett, Marc A., Susan E. Rivers, Maria R. Reyes, Peter Salovey

Can Learning Constituency Opinion Affect How Legislators Vote? Results from a Field Experiment

Butler, Daniel M. and David W. Nickerson

Taking Sides in Other People's Elections: The Polarizing Effect of Foreign Intervention

Corstange, Daniel and Nikolay Marinov

Does the Media Matter? A Field Experiment Measuring the Effect of Newspapers on Voting Behavior and Political Opinions

Daniel Bergen, Alan S. Gerber, Dean Karlan

Recruitment and Perceptions of Gender Bias in Party Leader Support

Daniel Butler, Jessica Preece

Do Politicians Racially Discriminate Against Constituents? A Field Experiment on State Legislators

David Broockman, Daniel Butler

Assessing the Stability of Psychological and Political Survey Measures

David Doherty, Gregory Huber, Alan S. Gerber, Conor M. Dowling

The Causal Effects of Elite Position-Taking on Voter Attitudes: Field Experiments with Elite Communication

David E. Broockman and Daniel M. Butler

Black Politicians Are More Intrinsically Motivated to Advance Blacks’ Interests: A Field Experiment Manipulating Political Incentives

David E. Broockman

The Conscription of Wealth: Mass Warfare and the Demand for Progressive Taxation

David Stasavage, Kenneth Scheve

Correction to Gerber and Green (2000), Replication of Disputed Findings, and Reply to Imai (2005)

Donald P. Green, Alan S. Gerber

Do Perceptions of Ballot Secrecy Influence Turnout? Results from a Field Experiment

Gerber, Alan S., Gregory A. Huber, David Doherty, Conor M. Dowling, and Seth J. Hill