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Title Author(s)sort ascending Year archived
Enhancing Academic Performance and Social and Emotional Competence With the RULER Feeling Words Curriculum

Peter Salovey, Maria R. Reyes, Marc A. Brackett, Susan E. Rivers

The (Identification) Cards You Are Dealt: Biased Treatment of Anglos and Latinos Using Municipal-Issued versus Unofficial ID Cards

Paul Lagunes, Ruth K. Ditlmann

Which Elections Can Be Lost?

Nikolay Marinov, Susan D. Hyde

Information and Self-Enforcing Democracy: The Role of International Election Observation

Nikolay Marinov, Susan D. Hyde

Taking Sides in Other People's Elections: The Polarizing Effect of Foreign Intervention

Nikolay Marinov, Daniel Corstange

Voter Attitudes When Democracy Promotion Turns Partisan: Evidence From a Survey-Experiment in Lebanon

Nikolay Marinov

Testing the Efficacy of Three Informational Interventions for Reducing Misperceptions of the Black–White Wealth Gap

Michael Kraus, Jennifer Richeson, Leilah Harouni, Bennett Callaghan

Does Publicizing a Tax Credit for Political Contributions Increase Its Use?: Results From a Randomized Field Experiment

Michael J. Malbin, Donald P. Green, Robert G. Boatright

Experimental Justice: Random Judicial Assignment and the Partisan Process of Supreme Court Review

Matthew Hall

Irrelevant Events and Voting Behavior: Replications Using Principles from Open Science

Matthew H. Graham, Gregory Huber, Neil Malhotra, Cecilia Hyunjung Mo

Asking About Attitude Change

Matthew H. Graham, Alexander Coppock

Democratic and Republican Physicians Provide Different Care on Politicized Health Issues

Matthew Goldenberg, Eitan Hersh

Chocolate Scents and Product Sales: A Randomized Controlled Trial in a Canadian Bookstore and Café

Mary McGrath, Peter Aronow, Vivien Shotwell

Field Experiments and the Study of Voter Turnout

Mary McGrath, Peter Aronow, Donald P. Green

Ideologically Extreme Candidates in U.S. Presidential Elections, 1948-2012

Mary McGrath, John Zaller, Marty Cohen, Peter Aronow

Open Trade, Closed Borders: Immigration in the Era of Globalization

Margaret E. Peters

Trading Barriers: Immigration and the Remaking of Globalization

Margaret E. Peters

When to Worry about Sensitivity Bias: A Social Reference Theory and Evidence from 30 Years of List Experiments

Maggie Moor, Graeme Blair, Alexander Coppock

The 2008 Cooperative Campaign Analysis Project (CCAP)

Lynn Vavreck, Simon Jackman

Analysis of Cluster-Randomized Experiments: A Comparison of Alternative Estimation Approaches

Lynn Vavreck, Donald P. Green