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Title Author(s)sort descending Year archived
Sources of Bias in Retrospective Decision Making: Experimental Evidence on Voters’ Limitations in Controlling Incumbents

Seth J. Hill, Gabriel S. Lenz, Gregory Huber

The Small Effects of Political Advertising are Small Regardless of Context, Message, Sender, or Receiver: Evidence From 59 Real-time Randomized Experiments

Seth J. Hill, Lynn Vavreck, Alexander Coppock

Economics and Policy Preferences: Causal Evidence of the Impact of Economic Conditions on Support for Redistribution and Other Ballot Proposals

Stephen L. Ross, Ebonya Washington, Eric Brunner

Does Less Income Mean Less Representation?

Stephen L. Ross, Eric Brunner, Ebonya Washington

Changes in Candidate Evaluations over the Campaign Season: A Comparison of House, Senate, and Presidential Races

Steven Smith, Patrick Tucker

Experimenting in Democracy Promotion: International Observers and the 2004 Presidential Elections in Indonesia

Susan D. Hyde

The Observer Effect in International Politics: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Susan D. Hyde

A 2 Million-Person, Campaign-Wide Field Experiment Shows How Digital Advertising Affects Voter Turnout

Sylvan Zheng, Andrew Beasley, Solomon Messing, Harry Hartman, James Barnes, Kelly Zhang, Jennifer Allen, Alexander Coppock, Minali Aggarwal, Dan Frankowski

Policy-Induced Risk and Responsive Participation: The Effect of a Son’s Conscription Risk on the Voting Behavior of His Parents

Tiffany Davenport

Inequity Aversion and the International Distribution of Trade Protection

Xiaobo Lü, Matthew J. Slaughter, Kenneth Scheve