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Social Pressure and Voter Turnout: Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment

Christopher W. Larimer, Donald P. Green, Alan S. Gerber

Sources of Bias in Retrospective Decision Making: Experimental Evidence on Voters’ Limitations in Controlling Incumbents

Seth J. Hill, Gabriel S. Lenz, Gregory Huber

Spanish-Language Radio Advertisements and Latino Voter Turnout in the 2006 Congressional Elections: Field Experimental Evidence

Costas Panagopoulos, Donald P. Green

Taking Sides in Other People's Elections: The Polarizing Effect of Foreign Intervention

Nikolay Marinov, Daniel Corstange

Testing the Accuracy of Regression Discontinuity Analysis Using Experimental Benchmarks

Holger Lutz Kern, Christopher W. Larimer, Terence Y. Leong, Donald P. Green, Alan S. Gerber

Testing the Efficacy of Three Informational Interventions for Reducing Misperceptions of the Black–White Wealth Gap

Michael Kraus, Jennifer Richeson, Leilah Harouni, Bennett Callaghan

Testing the Implicit-Explicit Model of Racialized Political Communication

Gregory Huber, John S. Lapinski

The (Identification) Cards You Are Dealt: Biased Treatment of Anglos and Latinos Using Municipal-Issued versus Unofficial ID Cards

Paul Lagunes, Ruth K. Ditlmann

The 2008 Cooperative Campaign Analysis Project (CCAP)

Lynn Vavreck, Simon Jackman

The Causal Effect of Media-Driven Political Interest on Political Attitudes and Behavior

Ana De La O, Daniel Butler

The Causal Effects of Elite Position-Taking on Voter Attitudes: Field Experiments with Elite Communication

Daniel Butler, David E. Broockman

The Conscription of Wealth: Mass Warfare and the Demand for Progressive Taxation

David Stasavage, Kenneth Scheve

The Effect of Priming Structural Fairness on Inequality Beliefs and Preferences

Gregory Huber, Paul Lendway

The Generalizability of Online Experiments Conducted During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Kyle Peyton, Gregory Huber, Alexander Coppock

The Impact of Electoral Debate on Public Opinions: An Experimental Investigation of the 2005 New York City Mayoral Election

Sendhil Mullainathan, Julia Azari, Ebonya Washington

The Majority-Minority Divide in Attitudes Toward Internal Migration: Evidence from Mumbai

Gareth Nellis, Nikhar Gaikwad

The Observer Effect in International Politics: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Susan D. Hyde

The Small Effects of Political Advertising are Small Regardless of Context, Message, Sender, or Receiver: Evidence From 59 Real-time Randomized Experiments

Seth J. Hill, Lynn Vavreck, Alexander Coppock

The “Race Card” Revisited: Assessing Racial Priming in Policy Contests

Gregory Huber, John S. Lapinski

Timing Is Everything? Primacy and Recency Effects in Voter Mobilization Campaigns

Costas Panagopoulos