Identifying the Persuasive Effects of Presidential Advertising

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Gregory A. Huber and Kevin Arceneaux

Research design: 
Data type: 
Administrative and Survey
Data source(s): 

Campaign Media Analysis Group; National Annenberg Election Survey

Data source information: 

Campaign advertising data: Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG) and subsequent codes from the Wisconsin Advertising Project (Goldstein, Kenneth, and Travis N. Ridout. 2004. “Measuring the Effects of Televised Political Advertising in the United States.” Annual Review of Political Science 7: 205-26.)
Survey: National Annenberg Election Survey (Romer, Daniel, Kate Kenski, Paul Waldman, Christopher Adasiewicz, and Kathleen Hall Jamieson. 2004. Cap- turing Campaign Dynamics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.)

Suggested citation: “Huber, Gregory A., and Kevin Arceneaux (2007). Replication Materials for: ‘Identifying the Persuasive Effects of Presidential Advertising,’ ISPS Data Archive.”

Field date: 
November 1, 2000
Unit of observation: 
Sample size: 
Panel survey: 4,300; Cross Section survey: 8,300
The identification strategy exploits the "accidental" treatment during the 2000 campaign of some individuals in non-battleground states to high levels of, or one-sided partisan streams of, presidential advertising simply because they lived in a media market adjoining a battleground state. (A list of included state and media- market combinations appears in Appendix A1.)
Randomization procedure: 
Exposure to advertising
Treatment administration: 
Outcome measures: 
Political preferences and beliefs, and vote share
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D010F12 Program file : 04a_Analyze_CrossSection Stata (10.0) .do 35840 Download file
D010F13 Program file : 04b_Analyze_Panel Stata (10.0) .do 63488 Download file
D010F14 Dataset : 1996to2000voteshiftbycounty_withmedia .csv 160768 Download file
D010F15 Dataset : 1996to2000voteshiftbycounty_withmedia XML 15360 Download file
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D010F20 Dataset : biasinreportedcontactanalysis .csv 126976 Download file
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D010F23 Supplementary Materials : 10_appendix Adobe Acrobat (XI) .pdf 169984 Download file
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