Team directory

Team directory

Steven Wilkinson, Nilekani Professor of India and South Asian Studies and Professor of Political Science and International Affairs

Steven I. Wilkinson is Nilekani Professor of India and South Asian Studies and Professor of Political Science and International Affairs.

Jennifer Wu, Graduate Student, Political Science

Jennifer Wu is a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science. She is interested in political behavior, public opinion, and representation of voter preferences. Her MSc thesis examined the issue of voter suppression and preferences for franchise extension via a game theoretic framework. Prior to starting the PhD, Jen worked as a statistician in ISPS Health studying the political economy of healthcare. Jen holds a MSc Economics from University College London and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania. She is currently the Manager of the ISPS Behavioral Research Lab. 

Pengpeng Xiao,

Pengpeng Xiao is a PhD student in the Economics Department at Yale. She has broad interests in structural microeconomics and labor economics. Her current research investigates the factors affecting the diverging wage paths of men and women over the course of their careers, and examines policies that aim to reduce gender inequality at the workplace. As an ISPS fellow, she will take a structural approach to quantify the role played by employers in driving the gender wage gap in the US.

Prof. Reza Yaesoubi, Yale Public Health

Reza Yaesoubi, Assistant Professor of Public Health (Health Policy)

Dr. Reza Yaesoubi’s research focuses on medical decision making and model-based evaluation of health policies. His work incorporates mathematical and computer simulation models, statistical methods, and optimization techniques to guide resource allocation and decision making in public health and health delivery systems. He has applied these methods in conducting cost-effectiveness analyses of colorectal cancer screening strategies, estimating societal willingness-to-pay for health, and characterizing performance-based payment systems for preventive care systems.
Zach Young, ISPS first cohort of Dahl Scholars

Zachary Young, Dahl Scholar, 2015-2016

As a Dahl Scholar, Zach Young worked with Professor Alan Gerber exploring the implications of institutional federalism on the transparency of the democratic process. His finding were that federalism can obfuscate accountability for public officials, but also limit jurisdictional mismatches in policy-making.

Michael Zanger-Tishler, ISPS Dahl Scholar, cohort 2

Michael Zanger-Tishler, Dahl Scholar, 2016-2017

As a Dahl Fellow, Michael Zanger-Tishler coauthored with Professors Vesla Weaver and Andrew Papachristos on the article “A Generation Exposed: Examining the Links between Criminal Offending and Criminal Justice Contact.” The article appeared in an upcoming issue of the Russell Sage Foundation Journal, a peer-reviewed social science journal.